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Clyde - LuRelicious

I am *so* right there with you!


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Suz. Fangirl. Geek.


Fandom Philosophy: I don't care what or who the heck you like. As long as you respect my opinions, I'll respect yours. Hell, I'll probably respect them even if you really piss me off ;D

Latest passion: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, AKA Captain America/Iron Man from Marvel comics (and hopefully later, Marvel movieverse ;D). Luke/Reid from As The World Turns \o/ Take That <3 30 Seconds To Mars and Mr Jared Leto :D

Fanfic and vids that were written/made within the last few years can be found in my memories or tags. ALL of the fanfic and vids that I have ever written/made can be found at my website. And remember - it's never too late to feedback ;D


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User Number: 841940
Date Created:2003-01-05
Number of Posts: 6,981

Between watching the many tv shows she likes, Suz finds time to write fic, create vids, and make icons. Oh and enjoy life as a BNF with many stalkers and minions. *g*
Strengths: Plays well with others.
Weaknesses: Strange affection for Jonas and fruit.
Special Skills: X-ray vision, better known as the ability to see through people.
Weapons: Words and a deadly wit.

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30 seconds to mars, amanda king, aragorn/legolas, battlestar galactica, billy magnussen, boston legal, bradley james, brian kinney, brian/justin, burn notice, callum keith rennie, cameron mitchell, captain america, captain jack sparrow, carlton lassiter, casey hughes, castiel, christopher gorham, circle of the bald, colin mochrie, colin morgan, daniel jackson, don/timmy, dr who, dr. reid oliver, ds james hathaway, dylan o'brien, elementary, eric sheffer stevens, eric/godric, firefly, fisher, fraser/rayk, gale harold, heat vision and jack, hignfy, how to be, intergalactic hussies, iron man, jack o'neill, jake 2.0, jake/hamilton, james hathaway, james may, jcvd, jeff davis, joan watson, jon stewart, jonas quinn, jonas/trip, justin taylor, kiss kiss bang bang, kurt mendel, latter days, lee stetson, lewis, lex luthor, lex opening double doors, little ashes, lucinda walsh, luke snyder, luke/noah, luke/reid, lure, mandysbitch's milkshakes, marvel, maybourne/krycek, mckay/beckett, merlin, michael rosenbaum, mygirlfriendnel, ncis, odyssey 5, pete/lex, pirates of the caribbean, psych, queer as folk, queer as folk uk, randy harrison, red dwarf, reed/hayes, reid oliver, richard hammond, ryan stiles, samantha carter, sark, scarecrow and mrs king, scott cohen, scruffy!wes, simon baker, simon pegg, smallville, spaced, stephen colbert, steve carell, steve rogers, steve sandvoss, steve/tony, suz/trip, take that, teal'c, teen wolf, tom welling, tony stark, top gear, torchwood, torvill and dean, trip tucker, trip/t'pol, van hansis, white room, witchblade, wliia


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